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Course Enquires & Administrative Overview

Pre-Course Counselling

Pre-course counseling will be conducted prior to prospective student's application to Singapore Raffles Music College. Clear course information found in SRMC brochures will be provided to assist prospective students and their parents/guardians to make informed decisions before their application with Singapore Raffles Music College.

Selection Process

The Registration department staff will evaluate each student's application and recommend for Management approval. Upon approval, the applicant is deemed to have been selected for the course that they have applied. Conditional Offer Letter will be issued to the selected applicant and follow by Confirmation Acceptance for Studies Letter.

Admission Process

All documents must be submitted to SINGAPORE RAFFLES MUSIC COLLEGE to complete the admission process.

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Step 1


Prospective student have to ensure they had met all the entry requirements for selected/desired course.

Note: Please refer to the admissions requirements of selected/desired course.

Step 2


All necessary forms have to be filled up in order to continue with the application process.

A duly completed Singapore Raffles Music College application form.

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Step 3


Prospective is required to provide below documents for assessment and verification in order to secure a position for the selected course. The documents are as follows:

  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs with white background.
  • One (1) clear photocopy bio-data page of applicant's original passport.
  • One (1) photocopy of original birth certificate. (Must be translated into English if in other native language).
  • Applicant's highest educational certificates and transcripts. Proof of English proficiency; either IELTS/TOEFL. (Where applicable)
  • Letter of employers certifying period of employment. (If applicant has left school for work after completion of last qualification).
  • A telegraphic transfer of $321 for application fee. (non-transferable or non-refundable) payable to "Singapore Raffles Music College Pte Ltd".
  • Documentary proof of financial ability and parent's monthly income statement (for visa required countries, i.e. PRC; Myanmar; India and etc).

Note: Translation is compulsory, if the documents are in other native language.

Step 4


You are required to send in or mail all application form and required documents along with the application fee to "Singapore Raffles Music College" at the following address:

Singapore Raffles Music College
6A, Woodlands Centre Road,
Singapore 731006

Note: Please ensure all necessary documents must reach us at least 2 months before the course commencement.

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Step 5


Processing of the application will takes approximately 14 working days. Applicants who have been offered a place at SINGAPORE RAFFLES MUSIC COLLEGE will receive the following:

  • Conditional Offer Letter (COL)
    • Applicant is required to endorse and return the conditional offer acceptance form within respective date stated in the letter. Upon receive the COL acceptance form; College will then issue Confirmation Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter to applicant.
  • Confirmation Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
    • Applicant is required to endorse and return the Confirmation Acceptance for Studies form within respective date stated in the letter.
    • Upon receive of the CAS acceptance form, College will then proceed for Student's pass application and subject ICA approval.

Note: Please refer to the admissions requirements of selected/desired course.

Step 6


Singapore Raffles Music College will submit the Student's Pass application via SOLAR+.

  • An In-Principle Approval Letter (IPA) will be issued by ICA of the successful approval for Student's Pass application.
  • The approval of Student's Pass is dependent on Immigration & Checkpoints of Singapore (ICA) approval. SINGAPORE RAFFLES MUSIC COLLEGE WILL NOT GUARANTEED approval from ICA.

Note: For more information, please visit ICA website at